Tour operator that offers exclusive tours in Porto and North of Portugal - Owner of the most popular Airbnb platform experience at Instagram in 2018

The tours aim to provide the experience through the locals' perspective, different and genuine. AtWill guides are locals that will confer a different and unique perspective of the places to be visited. It is an innovative company in the visitation model it provides as well as the tour models it offers.



Atwill intended to increase its online visibility in order to increase revenue through its website, as well as web notoriety

It also intended to implement an aimed marketing strategy, focused in market penetration and product internationalization.


Marketing and communication campaigns

Marketing and communication campaigns are being developed, with main focus on the digital arena. Video, photo and 360 contents are also being gathered to support the company's commercial division and the digital campaigns in progress.



Social Network Management

"We are a tourism company with a marked digital profile and Longomai was the ideal partner we found to consolidate this process. The method presented and the path that followed allowed an exponential growth of the business and the effectiveness of the campaigns was notorious."