Núcleo Empresarial da Região da Guarda

Established in 1984 by initiative of a group of entrepreneurs from the Guarda District that together with the AIP - Associação Industrial Portuguesa support, deemed as fundamental to the social and economic development of the District, the dynamization of the regional based business associationism- The NERGA - Núcleo Empresarial da Região da Guarda - a Business Association that gathers a large number of companies from all activity sectors and that sees itself as a true agent for the social and economic development and appreciation of the Region´s potentialities.


The Guarda Businesses Nucleus intended to develop an impactful promotional video of the territory that divulged the natural and human patrimony of an internationalization project

The challenge was to bring together two territories, the Douro and the Estrela, with the filming and voice-over clearly oriented to touristic ends. The audiences of the film were from the north and south american continents, namely the United States of America, Canada, Uruguai, Argentina, Chile and Brasil.



A territorial promotional video was developed in which the presentation of this geographical area always appeared in top down view, as if was a bird filming

The video focused mainly in spaces of great tourist and natural relevance, with voice-over in 3 languages and 180 seconds of duration.


A spark to the future

"When we challenged them to develop a business and marketing approach for two distinct territories, the approach was unexpected but worked perfectly. Everything in Longomai is surprising, from the treatment of the project, to the result and the expectation that is surpassed. They are brilliantly simple in the way they anticipate the future..."