Wild Douro

DMC specialized in Portugal and Spain, which develops customized tourist programs for its clients

The Wild Douro programs may include personalized accompaniment by a local guide or the liberty of travelling on a pre-set tour that will allow you to set your own pace. The drive is to transform the fruition model and the tourist experience of its clients.



International marketing and commercial strategy

This DMC needed an entire marketing and commercial strategy concept development looking to grow in foreign markets, therefore needing the creation of marketing components adequate to the different markets.


Development of all graphic environments and brand concepts, as well as registration of the developed components

The current landing page was also developed. Technological solutions and innovative marketing and commercial approaches are being developed that will catapult the business model and markets exposure of this company.



Follow the change

"The market has changed, reality is unexpected and we are surrounded by constant innovation... This company is different, the perspective they give is always creative. They are a high point of our approach to the market, they anticipate scenarios, prepare contexts and make us a better company. We accept the Longomai challenge, and you should too... You will be surprised!"